I welcome and consider any suggestions to promote and increase the visibility of my art.
With pleasure I participate in exhibitions, not only for the sake of sales, but also for free shows to people who do not have the opportunity to buy.

Ready to participate in charity events.
I am looking for curators and producers, as well as famous people and brands for joint mutual PR at mutual benefit.

With pleasure I will provide paintings to state and public institutions around the world.

Ready to decorate the premises of famous figures in your region.

Any intermediary actions are welcome and will be rewarded in accordance with the services rendered.


Pro území České republiky se budou veškeré záležitosti řešit prostřednictvím našeho zástupce:

Hana Hrochová

+420 734 494 539

For all questions, contact us in any convenient way:

Phone: +420 773 002 354
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