Answered the most popular questions

  • Can I offer my own price option or payment method?
    Yes, the author is ready to communicate, but reserves the right of the last decision.
  • Can I order an author's print from you?
    Yes. There are limited editions. You can also order your sizes and a technician will check the possibilities.
  • Is it possible to order a copy of the painting?
    No, you cannot order an exact copy, but you can discuss the plot and scale as close as possible to the picture you like.
  • Can I buy NFT?
    Yes, you can. Write to us and we will tell you how to proceed.
  • Can the image be used for commercial purposes?
    All rights to images belong to the author, and their transfer and use is possible only in agreement with me.
  • Can I represent you and sell your paintings/advertise and promote your brand?
    Yes, your services will be rewarded, but all actions must be coordinated with me.
  • Will the painting be sent after 100% payment?
    Yes. Shipping is free for you, but dispatch is only after full payment.
  • Do I need an advance payment to order a painting?
    No, but if there is an advance payment, it will speed up the process of creating your order.
  • Can I personally pick up the painting?
    Yes, but first you need to specify its location, it can be at an exhibition or in one of our galleries.
  • Are there any prohibited topics when ordering a painting?
    Yes, violence, sexual intercourse, cruelty, acts of disgust, as well as a number of ideological and political motives. Any order is pre-negotiated.
  • Are you ready to participate in our exhibition?
    The author is ready for all forms of cooperation, but each individual action must be negotiated and have clear rules.
  • Are you working on orders in foreign territory?
    No, the work is carried out only in our workshop or at our facilities.
  • Can I be present at the creation of the work?
    In very rare cases, and with a very complex and expensive order, you can come to control the progress of work.
  • Can I see online work?
    No, the work is carried out in a private setting, and also the technique cannot be revealed.
  • Do you organize master classes? Do you give paid lectures?
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